Original Articles (published or in press)

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    * denotes equal contribution
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    • Editorial: Modulation of Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotype: The Other Side of the Story. Jianhe Huang and Michael S. Parmacek. Circulation Research. 2012;111:659-661
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    • This paper has been highlighted in 10+ articles and scientific blogs including:
      • A third-generation method reveals cell lineage ancestry. Feinberg AP. Nature Methods. 2013; 10, 117–118.
      • Modus Operandi: Precision Epigenetics. The Scientist. Sept 2013.
      • F1000Prime Recommendation. Faculty of 1000. Mar 2013.
      • Lab Tools: Pushing the Limits. The Scientist. Feb 2015.
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Review Articles

  • Liu M, Gomez D. Smooth Muscle Cell phenotypic diversity: At the crossroads of lineage tracing and single-cell transcriptomics. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2019 Sep;39(9):1715-1723.; PubMed PMID: 31340668
  • Espinosa-Diez C, Mandi V, Du M, Liu M, Gomez D. Clones but not carbon copies: phenotypic and functional diversity of smooth muscle cell in atherosclerosis. Invited review. Journal of Vascular Surgery – Vascular Science. In press

Editorials and Commentaries

  • Nguyen AT, Gomez D, Bell RD, Campbell JH, Clowes AW, Gabbiani G, GiachelliCM, Parmacek MS, Raines EW, Rusch NJ, Speer MY, Sturek M, Thyberg J, Towler DA, Weiser-Evans MC, Yan C, Miano JM, Owens GK. Smooth Muscle Cell Plasticity: Fact or Fiction? Circulation Research. 2013 Jan 4;112(1):17-22.; PubMed PMID: 23093573
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Books and Chapters

  • Gomez D. Epigenetic reprogramming of aortic Smooth Muscle Cells: Application to the aneurysmal remodeling. European University Editions. In French.
  • Lacolley P, Michel JB, Gomez D, Bäck M, Regnault V. Vascular smooth muscle cell dysfunction and arterial stiffness. Book chapter in Arterial Stiffness and Pulsatile Hemodynamics in Health and Disease. 2020.